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SAKOM Services are providing widespread Tele-thermographic temperature monitoring for workers accessing their workplace. All practise follows strict FDA guidelines. Call Joshua Bedford at 715-584-4114

SAKOM Services is proud to announce that we are supporting Government and Industry efforts to enable workers to work safely during the Covid-19 outbreak. SAKOM provide operators and tele thermographic equipment which can detect body temperatures which fail to meet the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) parameters for safe working. This assessment enables workers to be checked prior to entry to facilities and enables those workers with high temperatures, who may or may not be suffering from CV-19, to obtain early medical assistance. Telethermographic assessment tools do not confirm or deny the existence of COVID-19. For further information contact Joshua Bedford on 715-584-4114 or email joshua.bedford@sakom-services.com quoting CV-19.


We provide client driven security and support services both inside and outside of the United States. SAKOM specialise in a broad group of sectors which include Government and Commercial areas of service support and delivery.

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Bespoke, client focused solutions in the areas of Base Operations, Service Support, Material Handling Equipment and Security Services.

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SAKOM actively operate in the United States and many countries within Africa, the Middle East, and Near Asia. Click on our Locations tab below for specific information.

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SAKOM Services acts as a client program enabler in the Security and Support Services business sector. We will meet all client requirements for the most suitable solution, through a flexible and truly dynamic approach resulting in cost effective results. ‘Safe at All Times’.

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