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SAKOM believe that Afghanistan offers significant opportunity and is considered a growth area in terms of providing support to the aid sector for both Afghan entities and international organisations.

With the result of the 2014 Presidential Election now ratified, political consensus within Afghanistan will continue and the parliamentary system, achieved after many years of countrywide conflict and interference, will move to another level of maturity. Through this political stability, the path for economic growth and independence from foreign donors, also provides business opportunity in other areas. Mineral exploration has taken place on a limited scale in some areas of Afghanistan and it is anticipated that this sector too will provide surprising interest and prospects. Afghanistan is also an agriculture based economy with a growing population and the movement from imports of critical foodstuffs to self sufficiency can only benefit the economy as a whole.

The threat to Afghanistan’s future remains as always, with the Taliban and similarly aligned entities which seem only to want to destroy the positive growth of the last decade. In response to this threat, SAKOM will offer the full remit of our capability to support any effort to enable Afghanistan and it’s people to flourish.

Our management team first commenced work in Afghanistan in 2002.

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