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SAKOM have an array of security talent on which to call to provide Subject Matter Experts (SME) in many fields and the purpose of this section is to highlight just a few, with a focus on our core expertise of security for personnel, either static or mobile and a few components which further support these tasks. Our intent is to expand our capability to meet the client core program and if a capability is required which is not obvious, please feel free to contact us with an enquiry and outline requirement.

SAKOM have significant experience in the supply and delivery of armored vehicles in both Iraq and Afghanistan using local partner arrangements to ensure local difficulties are dealt with by local people thereby minimising delays. In addition, our local suppliers keep us up to date with current in country legislation and legal requirements for registration.

The typical vehicle which we utilise is the Toyota Land-cruiser vehicle armored in the UAE and verified via manufacturer’s warranty based on the Vehicle Identification Number from the vehicle chassis. Vehicles are normally armored to a level of B6 with certification provided from the factory. In Iraq, specific requirements exists for the leasing of vehicles and this market has gone through some flux in recent months with various Ministry of Interior decrees limiting the use of B6 vehicles registered i Kurdistan and other areas of Iraq. Ownership of armored vehicles in Iraq has to be approved by the Ministry of Interior and after contract use of such armored vehicles, they are subject to further restrictions on use. Ultimately, expert advise should be sought for the use and importation of armored vehicles in most countries in which we operate.

As part of our AV sub-lease arrangements specific service schedules are incorporated within the core client contract and these are summarised below:

  • The terms Fully Mission Capable (FMC) and Non Mission Capable (NMC) are defined as:
  • Fully Mission Capable (FMC) – Equipment is safely operable and the client receives supply without interruption. Non-Mission Capable (NMC) – Equipment is inoperable and the client does not receive full utilization of equipment for 4 hours.
    • SAKOM shall provide the the client with replacement vehicles if the registration has expired.
    • SAKOM shall provide the the client the ability to request replacement of equipment, if the equipment is NMC twice for the same problem.
    • SAKOM will provide alternative replacement vehicles if a vehicle is damaged by accident or maintenance and cannot be mission capable within four hours.
    • SAKOM will provide alternative replacement vehicles during breakdown or notification of breakdown, within four hours.
    • Any unserviceable vehicle or fitted equipment resulting in non-availability for mission tasking within 4 hours, is to be replaced with a fully compliant vehicle.

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