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SAKOM operates with a totally client focused, client program priority in mind. Within each sector, our project managers are embedded with client staff, and will have the delivery and support to the client program firmly at the forefront of their operational plan. Within that operational plan, there will be a risk analysis taken on a daily basis; normally based on local feedback and source information, which will be the framework of the security approach for that day. Strategically, the aim is to ensure the client program is delivered on time and SAKOM consider themselves an enabler to the client mission.

Commercial clients that wish to conduct market analysis in post conflict areas or markets for which they have limited presence, are welcome to use the resources of SAKOM. We can provide short term or long term consultants and security solutions in areas of the World which are identified by commercial clients as offering an opportunity, but for which limited product or analytical knowledge is known. SAKOM will deploy specialist consultants and resources to these areas to conduct formal analysis or verification of current data or to simply act as a representative for a commercial client. In addition, SAKOM are happy to provide security services, security protection or information, on or in such countries or cities as appropriate.

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