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SAKOM operates with a totally client focused, client program priority in mind. Within each sector, our project managers are embedded with client staff, and will have the delivery and support to the client program firmly at the forefront of their operational plan. Within that operational plan, there will be a risk analysis taken on a daily basis; normally based on local feedback and source information, which will be the framework of the security approach for that day. Strategically, the aim is to ensure the client program is delivered on time and SAKOM consider themselves an enabler to the client mission.

SAKOM provide Protective Security Detail (PSD) and Site Security in Afghanistan for US Government funded clients which are involved in reconstruction contracts. Our presence and strategic ties with our Afghan partners, allow us to rapidly mobilise contracts at relatively short notice. The future of Afghanistan, post NATO withdrawal, remains an opportunity and we are actively increasing our profile and client base in response to the transition from kinetic activity and support by NATO, to reconstruction efforts from supporting nations.

In Iraq, the lack of infrastructure to develop and support the Oil & Gas sector provides significant opportunity to clients and therein, SAKOM. Our clients in Iraq are active not only in oil extraction but water treatment plants, electricity generation and distribution and at the very early level, critical infrastructure planning, namely railways and transportation.

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