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SAKOM operates with a totally client focused, client program priority in mind. Within each sector, our project managers are embedded with client staff, and will have the delivery and support to the client program firmly at the forefront of their operational plan. Within that operational plan, there will be a risk analysis taken on a daily basis; normally based on local feedback and source information, which will be the framework of the security approach for that day. Strategically, the aim is to ensure the client program is delivered on time and SAKOM consider themselves an enabler to the client mission.

SAKOM provide government support in the form of security advisers for training programs, whether police or military and have developed training programs together with our strategic partners in this field. In addition, SAKOM have an interest in supporting government capacity development through programs which increase the performance of staff. This improvement is achieved through the provision of international mentor programs. In addition, SAKOM can provide election monitoring support teams to observe and verify electoral processes, including the sensitivity and impartiality required for counting centres or movement of ballot boxes.

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