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SAKOM know Africa is a developing continent with each country requiring a different security solution to ultimately different security challenges. From fierce fighting in The North East of Africa (Libya) to holiday destinations in Kenya (Lamu) SAKOM are deployed in a variety of different profiles providing bespoke security solutions to changing and unique environments.

SAKOM currently have ongoing opportunities and tasks in:

  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • Uganda
  • Liberia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Central African Republic (CAR)
  • Mali
  • Senegal
  • Gabon
  • Guinea
  • Ghana
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Nigeria
  • Guinea Bissau

Together with our partners we have successfully deployed assets and personnel for close protection of foreign nationals working in the more austere areas of Africa. SAKOM has provided journey management solutions for foreign nationals concerned of the threat of kidnapping or the threat of theft to personal or company property. We have repeatedly provided low profile solutions to NGO clients that have had concern for their safety do not want to raise their profile.

Africa is one of SAKOM’s key strengths, the ability to access an emerging country or an emerging crisis and respond with a solution that meets the clients need and also fullfill’s the country’s legal and compliance standards is critical. As a poorer continent Africa has been host to some of the worst natural disasters brought about by weather, starvation, disease and terrorism. With a population explosion, basic daily requirements are consistently not being met forcing desperate people to do desperate things. SAKOM is there with our clients not only to provide the solutions to these problems in terms of aid (food, fuel, medicine, shelter) and prevent the desperation, but we are there when times are desperate and threats increase requiring more detailed complex security solutions.


SAKOM believe that Afghanistan offers significant opportunity for us and is considered a growth area in terms of providing support to the aid sector for both Afghan entities and international organisations. In addition, the institutional capacity of the security forces which exist in Afghanistan continue to require equipment, advisory services and international expertise through Foreign Military Sales programs and other contracting routes.

With the result of the 2014 Presidential Election now ratified, political consensus within Afghanistan will continue and the parliamentary system, achieved after many years of countrywide conflict and interference, will move to another level of maturity. Through this political stability, the path for economic growth and independence from foreign donors, also provides business opportunity in other areas. Mineral exploration has taken place on a limited scale in some areas of Afghanistan and it is anticipated that this sector too will provide surprising interest and prospects. Afghanistan is also an agriculture based economy with a growing population and the movement from imports of critical foodstuffs to self sufficiency can only benefit the economy as a whole.

The threat to Afghanistan’s future remains as always, with the Taliban and similarly aligned entities which seem only to want to destroy the positive growth of the last decade. In response to this threat, SAKOM will offer the full remit of our capability to support any effort to enable Afghanistan an it’s people to flourish.

Our management team first commenced work in Afghanistan in 2002.


Iraq is the growth business area for SAKOM and we believe our ability to provide an extremely cost effective security product, provides a financial edge when compared to other security providers. Our consultants meet the professional criteria laid down by the Oil and Gas sector without any concession to quality and most consultants are experienced professionals with operational experience in theatre. In the last year, SAKOM have operated in Iraq from Balad through Baghdad and down to Basra. We have excellent commercial relationships in the field of armored vehicle supply and whilst legislation is constantly changing in country, these relationships have been shown to meet those regulatory challenges.

Politically, Iraq is in a period of change with the re-engagement of disenfranchised religious groups through greater representation at the Ministerial level of government. This approach, in our view, will yield the government a significant dividend which hopefully will result in greater stabilization of the country as a whole. From an economic perspective, Iraq has a massive amount of oil reserves and has a clear and ambitious program of investment and growth in the oil and gas sector through various franchise agreements with major oil companies. Within this business space, SAKOM will meet the quality control and performance standards required by the Southern Oil Company through the supply of quality equipment and quality consultants.

Our management team have significant Iraq experience having worked in Afghanistan since 2004.


Yemen is a relatively new country formed after a bitter civil war and the historic capital of Sana’a is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site although owing to the volatility of the security situation in Yemen, it is not a tourist destination for other than the dedicated visitor. Yemen, like many countries in the region is supported by Western government’s in the response to the terrorist threat in country. In areas of Yemen, there is an Oil and Gas industry which is developing at a relatively slow pace owing to the insecurity of the region in which oil reserves have been identified. Significant 3D seismic assessments have taken place and in the same manner that other countries operate, Yemen has created franchised fields for development in exchange for a guaranteed period of performance and extraction. These seismic assessments include environmental impact studies and other impact assessments, outreach programs and economic impact analysis which meets international standards.

Yemen has a functioning government created through open and democratically based elections, albeit not without some criticism, which have produced a President and Prime Minister led government. Political unrest has been a them in recent years of Yemen and recently the Prime Minister resigned over an apparent inability to deal with ethnic and factional violence and demonstrations. As the political climate stabilises, focus will again turn to economic growth and the opportunities associated with the Oil and Gas industry will against manifest themselves. The security situation is stable enough to provide an operating environment for commercial entities however significant care must be taken and SAKOM believe it is well positioned to provide such care to current and prospective clients.

Our in country management team has been operating in Yemen for three years based in Sana’a and is one of the most experienced in country security teams with this constant presence.

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