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SAKOM operates with a totally client focused, client program priority in mind. Within each sector, our project managers are embedded with client staff, and will have the delivery and support to the client program firmly at the forefront of their operational plan. Within that operational plan, there will be a risk analysis taken on a daily basis; normally based on local feedback and source information, which will be the framework of the security approach for that day. Strategically, the aim is to ensure the client program is delivered on time and SAKOM consider themselves an enabler to the client mission.

SAKOM specialize in providing Facility and Base Support Services to the US Government through various support programs such as AFCAP and LOGCAP IV. SAKOM are a service provider throughout Africa and the Middle East in particular with wholly owned entities acting as the conduit in countries of operation, for which we provide support. Our Facility and Base Support Services cover the provision of the following:

  • Bulk Water Supply both Chlorinated and Non-Chlorinated
  • Portable Latrine and Handwash Station Supply
  • Pest Control and Vector Control
  • Trash Removal Services
  • Black and Gray Water Removal Services
  • Fuel Supply Services
  • Material Handling Equipment Supply
  • Light and Heavy Vehicle Supply
  • Local Labor Supply
  • Other Country National Labor Supply

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