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SAKOM operate in the following sectors with a totally client focused, client program priority to our approach. Within each sector, our project managers embedded with client staff, will have the delivery and support to the client program firmly at the forefront of their operational plan. Within that operational plan, there will be a risk analysis taken on a daily basis; normally based on local feedback and source information, which will be the framework of the security approach for that day. Strategically, the aim is to ensure the client program is delivered on time and SAKOM consider themselves an enabler to the client mission.


Within Iraq, this sector offers significant future growth for both clients and SAKOM. Oil production is planned to reach 12 million barrels per day by 2017 based on current contract awards and oil field development. An additional round of tendering will increase production and increase business opportunity.

Africa is on the cusp of an Oil and Gas boom with new oil producing countries and new oil blocks being established daily. SAKOM’s unique Africa experience provides the background and capability to meet these unique requirements.

In Yemen, whilst a smaller market, significant seismic research has taken place and licenses for further exploration and extraction are being issued by the government. The terrain, political landscape and indeed threat in Yemen is different to that which exists in Iraq but the principles of security remain the same and SAKOM have an active presence in Sana’a which makes us an ideal partner for clients in Yemen.


SAKOM are happy to support the NGO community through either short term provision of security contractors, immediate response support for emergency or any other area of need. We recognise that some NGO’s are ‘for profit’ and others are not however our principles of providing security remain the same, i.e. we see ourselves as client enablers.

Africa has a high focus for the NGO community and Afghanistan too although in a more post emergency phase with a focus on capacity development and civil society development. SAKOM understand that donor constraints provide limitations on budgets for security and we are happy and capable of providing innovative security solutions to such clients.


Commercial clients that wish to conduct market analysis in post conflict areas or markets for which they have limited presence, are welcome to use the resources of SAKOM. We can provide short term or long term consultants and security solutions in areas of the World which are identified by commercial clients as offering an opportunity, but for which limited product or analytical knowledge is known. SAKOM will deploy specialist consultants and resources to these areas to conduct formal analysis or verification of current data or to simply act as a representative for a commercial client. In addition, SAKOM are happy to provide security services, security protection or information, on or in such countries or cities as appropriate.


SAKOM provide Protective Security Detail (PSD) and Site Security in Afghanistan for US Government funded clients which are involved in reconstruction contracts. Our presence and strategic ties with our Afghan partners, allow us to rapidly mobilise contracts at relatively short notice. The future of Afghanistan, post NATO withdrawal, remains an opportunity and we are actively increasing our profile and client base in response to the transition from kinetic activity and support by NATO, to reconstruction efforts from supporting nations.

In Iraq, the lack of infrastructure to develop and support the Oil & Gas sector provides significant opportunity to clients and therein, SAKOM. Our clients in Iraq are active not only in oil extraction but water treatment plants, electricity generation and distribution and at the very early level, critical infrastructure planning, namely railways and transportation.


SAKOM provide government support in the form of security advisers for training programs, whether police or military and have developed training programs together with our strategic partners in this field. In addition, SAKOM have an interest in supporting government capacity development through programs which increase the performance of staff. This improvement is achieved through the provision of international mentor programs. In addition, SAKOM can provide election monitoring support teams to observe and verify electoral processes, including the sensitivity and impartiality required for counting centres or movement of ballot boxes.


We are continuing to provide PSD services to banking sector clients in across Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. Within such countries, cash in transit provides a significant difficulty and is considered a high-risk strategy for which SAKOM solutions are available. In immediate post-conflict countries which have a requirement for a currency exchange program, SAKOM are capable of providing security to support such transfers. Across Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan, successful currency exchange programs were carried out and monitored by PSC staff and some duties included the delivery of cash to remote sites using protective services. In addition, static man-guarding at bt banking institutions has proven popular.

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