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SAKOM have an array of security talent on which to call to provide Subject Matter Experts (SME) in many fields and the purpose of this section is to highlight just a few, with a focus on our core expertise of security for personnel, either static or mobile and a few components which further support these tasks. Our intent is to expand our capability to meet the client core program and if a capability is required which is not obvious, please feel free to contact us with an enquiry and outline requirement.

SAKOM provides expertise in the field of security and risk management. Our depth of talent includes experienced individuals who have been active at work for the past 12 years in what has become the Private Security Company (PSC) sector, working in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, we have experts in their field through qualification as well as experience and we pride ourselves on utilising either former law enforcement or former military personnel from respected backgrounds.

In Afghanistan, the regulatory environment places stringent controls on Risk Management Companies (RMC) which require additional talents and skill sets for security managers to utilise using tact, cultural awareness and diplomacy. Our consultants recognise this and are actively engaged in ensuring that interaction with government departments such as police and intelligence agencies ensures confrontation is minimised and clients are able to go about their core business without delay. In addition, there is a prescribed role of RMC consultants to train and mentor local security staff assigned through the Afghanistan Public Protection Force (APPF), which forms part of the risk management and assessment to support clients wishing to conduct business in Afghanistan.

Within Iraq, such skills are also required and with the current sensitive situation in Iraq owing to political uncertainty, these requirements are ever more important.

Our approach to Security and Risk Management can be summed up as follows:

  • Client focused with a view to the completion of the client task, whilst working within client acceptable risk tolerances.
  • The use of formal risk assessment tools to mitigate risk.
  • The use of verifiable open source threat management information. This enables the client to understand the risk also and understand the reason for a risk mitigation strategy.
  • The use of experienced personnel able to manage client expectations and concerns.
  • The ability to use qualified personnel to meet client audit requirements which may exist from either a donor or simply a client formal minimum standard.
  • The use of local in-country partners to provide additional value to our own corporate business approach and liability.

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