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SAKOM have an array of security talent on which to call to provide Subject Matter Experts (SME) in many fields and the purpose of this section is to highlight just a few, with a focus on our core expertise of security for personnel, either static or mobile and a few components which further support these tasks. Our intent is to expand our capability to meet the client core program and if a capability is required which is not obvious, please feel free to contact us with an enquiry and outline requirement.

SAKOM consultants and management have significant experience of Static Security Supervision which for the purpose of our definition, includes the area of Force Protection or Physical Measures. Our experience has been gained through observation and direct experience of hostile intent, including that of attempted compound penetration. Our management overlay to our approach is a policy directive to our project managers to ensure that both the supervision of staff and the supervision of the physical counter measures in place at a compound, villa, private residence or camp stand up to the ultimate threat.

Supervision of local national staff which are primarily used for outer perimeter security, Entrance Control Point duties and other primary levels of security is built upon a solid foundation of recruitment. Our recruitment procedures are designed to ensure that local national staff are appropriately vetted and trained. The training element of our approach to employing local national staff, is critical to ensuring a reliable and confident static security solution for our clients.

Static Security goes beyond the role of simply providing a trained and managed work force, it includes the critical assessment of the physical barriers and search procedures which may exist at any given location. Our background of military personnel provides a formal element to the physical assessment by gauging the physical barrier against the known threat. This formality ensures that, for example, a series of overwatch towers on a compound perimeter have the ability to observe the approach ground on an overlapping basis and that any response to an incursion into the overwatch area ensures that there are no ‘blind spots’. This can further be explained through the example of ensuring that a physical barrier erected to prevent an intrusion, is quite simply capable of stopping any intrusion be it with hostile intent or theft. Sophistication can be added to the physical solution through the use of technology whether it is CCTV with night vision capability, motion sensors or even the deployment of localised Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), all of which are commercially available, subject only to budget constraints.

SAKOM can provide detailed commentary in the form of a risk assessment incorporating Force Protection measures necessary in any given situation. Our capability and approach can be summed up as follows:

  • Effective selection and training of Local National Staff increases security.
  • SAKOM have significant experience of managing static security work forces.
  • SAKOM have significant experience of designing force protection solutions.
  • SAKOM have significant experience of access control policies and solutions.
  • SAKOM can provide a technical solution to Static Security
    • CCTV
    • Biometric Access Control
    • UAV for Perimeter Observation
    • Force Protection Physical Barriers

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