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SAKOM have an array of security talent on which to call to provide Subject Matter Experts (SME) in many fields and the purpose of this section is to highlight just a few, with a focus on our core expertise of security for personnel, either static or mobile and a few components which further support these tasks. Our intent is to expand our capability to meet the client core program and if a capability is required which is not obvious, please feel free to contact us with an enquiry and outline requirement.

SAKOM have a firm philosophy that training should be relevant and should be realistic and with this in mind, our training curriculum is flexible and designed to meet the implicit requirement outlined within our overall capabilities. This training approach is considered core capability however our additional training services take SAKOM into a further realm of support to clients.

Our Systems Approach to Training (SAT) methodology is built around Training the Trainer and providing a framework against which SAKOM develops and implements compliant quality systems and training to best meet the clients operational and business needs. In addition we utilise a four stage approach to accomplish a holistic package:

  • Identify the need for training or the training requirement
  • Conduct a needs analysis
  • Create a training design and development program
  • Training delivery

The regulatory environment which exists in many countries insists that PSC activities or RMC activities are subject to continuing assessment and review with a focus on improving the capability of local national staff with involves a necessity to have continuing professional development of staff at all levels.

Within the security industry there is a huge demand for qualified medics ranging from Combat Life Saver (CLS) qualified individuals on to First Person On the Scene (FPOS) and beyond to pre-hospital medical care at what is known as a Tier 1 level. Within these medical qualifications, is an ongoing requirement to re-certify after a prescribed period and these qualifications are formally recognised by clients and often a prerequisite to contract award. SAKOM invest in selected people to ensure that client medical requirements are met, are adhered to and are re-certiied in a timely manner.

Other externally recognised qualifications and courses that our team have attended include:

  • Advanced Driver Training Course
  • Armored Vehicle Driver Training Course
  • Health and Safety Courses
  • Hazardous Material (HAZMAT)
  • Weapons Training and Range Management

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