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In the USA, SAKOM Services WI LLC is the ultimate holding company for our State Wide wholly owned entities which provide Security Services, Base Support Services and Administrative Support to various clients. SAKOM have a fully functioning Main Office based in Wisconsin which provides Human Resources, Finance and Operational Support to activities throughout the country. Our clients are involved in supporting US Government efforts in manufacturing and servicing plants in various parts of the United States and our future intent is to expand this footprint to take advantage of an ever growing requirement for services at the Municipal and Government level. Currently SAKOM are fully licensed in:

  • US State of Wisconsin
  • US State of Kentucky
  • US State of Georgia
  • US State of Florida
  • US State of North Carolina

As a matter of pride, SAKOM WI LLC is also acknowledged by the United States Department of Labor as an awardee of the Hire VETS Platinum Award 2019 reflecting our active policy of supporting veterans in the work place.

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