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Yemen is a relatively new country formed after a bitter civil war. The historic capital of Sana’a is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site although owing to the volatility of the security situation in Yemen, it is not a tourist destination for other than the dedicated visitor. Yemen, like many countries in the region is supported by Western governments in the response to the terrorist threat in country. In areas of Yemen, there is an Oil and Gas industry which is developing at a relatively slow pace owing to the insecurity of the region in which oil reserves have been identified. Significant 3D seismic assessments have taken place and in the same manner that other countries operate, Yemen has created franchised fields for development in exchange for a guaranteed period of performance and extraction. These seismic assessments include environmental studies and other impact assessments, outreach programs and economic analysis which meets international standards.

Yemen has a functioning government created through open and democratically based elections, albeit not without some criticism, which have produced a President and Prime Minister led government. Political unrest has been a theme in recent years of Yemen and recently the Prime Minister resigned over an apparent inability to deal with ethnic and factional violence and demonstrations. As the political climate stabilises, focus will again turn to economic growth and the opportunities associated with the Oil and Gas industry will again manifest themselves. The security situation is stable enough to provide an operating environment for commercial entities however significant care must be taken and SAKOM is well positioned to provide such care to current and prospective clients.

Our in country management team has been operating in Yemen for three years based in Sana’a and is one of the most experienced in country security teams with this constant presence.

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